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This entire site is Copyright 1996 - 2020 by Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All the Wooden Nickels shown on any of these pages are from our extensive Wooden Nickel Collection. They should not be considered an endorsement from any company or organization. Not all the Wooden Nickels shown were made at our current modern factory. Not all the Wooden Nickels shown were made by our exclusive "Laser Engraved Printing Plate" process.


We love our nickels, what a great token to share with the public, our cooperators or fellow employees.  The kids love them.​

Brandy - Gladstone, MI

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my order. Your website was extremely informative to help me choose 2-inch, 2 custom sided, aligned, multi-color nickels.

Your personal customer service allowed me to make a last minute change and still make my tight deadline. Your equipment did a beautiful job reproducing my logos. Attached is my original artwork next to your actual nickels so others can see the expert work you did. I look forward to handing out these mementos at my upcoming event.




Thank you.

Steve - Freeport, NY

Lara...thank you so much...oh, by the way, our tokens arrived yesterday and they were perfect. The new logo looks great! Unexpectedly there were also 2 Tshirts and 2 of the cutest rubber duckies. Thank you for these treats.

Sandy - CA

Dear Tammie and Laura!!!

Client is THRILLED with their special event wooden nickels!!!  What a great job you did...from start to finish, with amazing client services all the way through!!!  You ROCK!!!

Thank You Very Much ~ Wendy - Framingham, MA



Your customer service is awesome!! Thank you, Ms. Cruz.

Cindy - Marina, CA



Thank you for your prompt reply. Excellent! Great service. I look forward to receiving my pennies in about a weeks time. You take care.

George - Ripon England



Thank you so much for the excellent products and service. This is why I'm ordering with you again!

Micki - Farwell, MI



I have the honor of serving on another Tres Dias Weekend this August, and I have suggested that we use the printed Wooden Nickels as Prayer Tokens.  The tokens you produced for us last Fall were great. Thank You for your Excellent Customer Service on our previous order!
George - Powder Springs, GA




You are our new best friend!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for picking up the phone on your way out the door.  You have made several very powerful (or at least very nice) friends in Long Beach!!

Justin - Long Beach, CA




Just to let you know that today I received my wooden nickels. They are really wonderful and I like them very much! Thanks for the excellent work done!


Edo - Croatia, EU



Thx. Very very very helpful!! You are awesome and your extra effort is much appreciated 

Gary - Berkley, CA



Thanks again for your prompt service here, we look forward to receiving these printed samples soon. Have a great week ahead!




Geez! They ALL look awesome! Pretty sure I want to order some of both (ALL CAPS option)! The "full-color" to accompany our book and maybe the laser-engraved for "presents". Thank u for the pics!

Amy - Norwood, NC



They made it! And turned out awesome! Thanks
Mike - Coraopolis PA



WooHOOO!! We love you, Laura!! Great hustle, team!!

Ashley - Long Beach, CA



Thank you so much you guys are awesome. Love the work! Will definitely be recommending to others :)

Joey - Easton, MD



Thank you for the recent nickels, they are awesome.

Bart - Lancaster, A

I received my wooden nickels yesterday.  Thank You!  They are perfect and will be

so great to hand out as a memorial token of my husband on June 8 at our Barn Museum Tour.

Also, thank you for being so prompt with my order.

If I need a product like this again, you will be my first choice!

Kathy - Chadwick, IL



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