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Payment Policy

It is our policy to collect payment on all orders at the time the order is placed. All orders are prepaid, TERMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. If your company requires you to submit a Purchase Order, you are welcome to place your order using a PO however, we do not accept PO's in lieu of pre-payment. This saves us the cost of having an accounts receivable department and keeps our prices as low as possible. Production time is calculated from the date payment is received.


Unpaid order will be canceled after 30 days of no response to email, snail mail, and/or phone call attempts to collect payment. Orders can be held longer than 30 days if additional time to pay is requested by the client. 


Payment can be made online using the "Pay Now" link in your invoice, by phone with a credit card or by mailing in a check or money order. If paying by check or money order, your order will remain on hold in the Order Entry Dept. until payment is received.  This will delay production time.  If paying online, you MUST wait for us to email you an invoice. Invoices are emailed within 1 business day of receiving your order. 


Always review your invoice carefully to confirm charges and make adjustments before submitting payment. Overpayments will remain on account to be applied to a future order unless a refund is requested. Refunds for overpayments are subject to a 5% service fee. Charges may not be disputed and will not be reversed once an order has been printed and/or shipped.

Refund Policy

All refunds are processed through our home office. Credit Card refunds will appear on your statement in 7-10 business days. Refund checks are issued and mailed within 5 business days of refund request. 

Refunds on orders that are cancelled within one business day of payment will receive a full refund. 


Refunds on orders that are cancelled after one business day are subject to a 5% processing fee. 


Refunds on orders that are issued as compensation for printing errors or missed deadlines will receive a full refund. The refund must be requested within 30 days of delivery and all of the tokens must be returned to receive a full refund. Full refund will not be issued on a partial return. Refunds are not issued for printing errors if the error appeared on the approved proof. Refunds are not issued for delayed delivery resulting from incorrect shipping address if the order was shipped to the address that was approved on the proof. 


Partial refunds of products or services issues as compensation for internal errors or missed deadlines are not subject to normal processing fees. The partial refund must be requested within 30 days of delivery to receive a partial refund.  Partial refunds are not issued for printing errors if the error appeared on the approved proof. Partial refunds are not issued for delayed delivery resulting from incorrect shipping address if the order was shipped to the address that was approved on the proof. 


Any credit balance resulting from order changes and/or disputed charges will remain on account to be applied to future orders unless a refund is requested. Partial refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee. 

Production Time

Production time is calculated from the day the order is finalized. An order is considered finalized once we have received billing & shipping information, all design and order specifics and payment.


Normal production time is 7 Business Days plus additional time for shipping. Production time does not include transit time. Rush service is offered for an additional fee and is subject to availability. Some rush services may not be available on large orders, for specialty products or if we have reached our maximum number of rush orders at the time your order is finalized. Production may be extended on large orders, orders that require extra services and laser engraved or specialty items. Rush production does not include transit time.


Rush orders received and finalized after 12:00 PM, Central Time, fall into the following business days business.


All orders are shipped as soon as they’re ready but without rush service, normal production orders ARE NOT guaranteed to ship before the end of the seventh business day. Holidays, weekends and scheduled weekday closures are not included in regular production time. Weekends, holidays and scheduled weekday closures are not included in rush production times. 


Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped UPS Ground from San Antonio, Texas, unless otherwise requested. UPS Ground transit time in the continental US is 1 – 5 business days depending on the shipping destination. Expedited shipping is available upon request at an additional charge. Orders being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii can be shipped by United States Postal Service or UPS. International orders can be shipped via UPS or USPS and may incur customs fees or taxes. These extra fees are not included in the shipping price and payment is the responsibility of the recipient. We have no way of determining if these fees will be charged or estimating what they may be. We will not issue a refund for an order that is not delivered or delivered late due to unpaid taxes or customs fees. Please contact our office @ 800-750-9915 for expedited, international and USPS shipping rates or shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. Transit time for orders shipped USPS is not guaranteed. Insurance is required on all orders shipped by USPS. Fed-Ex shipping is available on the customer’s account. All orders shipped via Fed-Ex Ground will incur a $10.00 pick-up fee for each box in the shipment. Orders shipped UPS on the customer’s UPS account will incur a $5.00 handling fee for each box.

Return Policy

Inspect your order carefully for errors, shortages and/or damage immediately upon receipt. If there are any issues with your order, contact our office before any items are used so we can address the situation. DO NOT USE OR DISTRIBUTE ANY ITEMS, EVEN IF SOME ARE OK, until any issues are resolved. In the event that a reprint or refund is due,  the entire order must be returned before a reprint or refund can be processed. We will not accept a partial order return.

** Please note: We cannot guarantee perfect centering on every token because of the nature of the material we print on. Our wood blanks are raw untreated wood and as such are susceptible to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. The blanks will shrink or expand slightly depending on environmental conditions during drying, cutting and storage. For this reason we have a +/- 5/100" tolerance on the diameter of the tokens. Since our printing presses are calibrated to center the design on 1.5" diameter for the standard token and 2" diameter for the jumbo tokens, this same +/- tolerance carries over to the centering of the design. Therefore, we cannot accept a return for off center imprint if the imprint is within this centering tolerance. This is seldom an issue, however, as most view these minor imperfections as "giving wooden nickels character" and making each token unique.


Depending on the situation and if both parties agree, the customer may choose to keep any incorrect items and receive a partial refund which will be issued to their account to be applied to future orders. This is determined on a case by case basis.


Any issues must be brought to our attention within 30 DAYS of receiving the order. Reprints or refunds  will not be issued after 30 days from delivery of the product.


Proof approvals are required on all orders including exact repeat orders. Proofs are generally emailed 1-3 business days from the date your order is received, depending on the type of production and the number of orders in line in the art department when they receive yours. The proof is figured into the production time and will not delay production or shipping as long as you respond to the proof email within a reasonable time. Proof approvals received less than five business days prior to your originally scheduled ship date WILL NOT ship on time unless rush services are paid. Please also check your SPAM folder when expecting a proof. 

Check spelling and design layout carefully, even if you are supplying camera-ready art or are placing a repeat order.  Proofs also include information about extra services such as drilling, aligning, and serial number, as well as shipping address, shipping method and date required, if applicable. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PRINTING AND/OR SHIPPING ERRORS IF THE PROOF IS APPROVED.


Making the payment on your order is NOT a proof approval. You must reply to the proof email with your approval before production will begin.


We cannot accept provisional proof approvals.  A proof approval with stipulations such as “ approved as long as...” or "approved with the following changes..." are not considered approvals. If changes or corrections are needed to any part of the proof, the changes will be made and a revised proof will be emailed. Production will not begin until the final approval is received.


We will make several attempts to obtain a proof approval on paid orders. Failure to respond to the proof emails, snail mail, and/or phone calls for 90 days will be considered an implied approval and we will move forward with production and shipping. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PRINTING AND/OR SHIPPING ERRORS ON ORDERS WITH IMPLIED APPROVALS.



Art Policy

Unlike most printing companies, we provide free art services to all customers. Our art department will set-up, edit, resize, clean up and, when necessary, convert your artwork so that it meets the art requirements for the requested printing method, at no charge.


Because our art services are provided at no charge, all finished wooden nickel designs created by our art department are the property of Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. We will provide a proof of your designs prior to production however, the proof page will have order and shipping details along with the front and back designs at actual size (1.25” diameter for the standard wooden nickel or 1.75” for the jumbo wooden nickel) in jpg format. If you require separate high resolution or vector versions of the front and back designs in individual files, there will be a $25 art charge for each front/back set of designs.

Security Policy

These days’ wooden nickels aren’t just used as novelty items. In addition to clever business cards and funny keepsakes, wooden nickels are used as currency, coupons and vouchers, and as promotional items in giveaways and contests. For these customers we understand that security is a big concern and we offer extra services that make it easy to identify counterfeit wooden nickels and harder for another company to recreate something we have produced.  These services include consecutive numbering, special numbering, random alpha-numeric numbering, security ink and certain design elements that make your nickels unique. We also offer multi-color printing and 2 inch Jumbo wooden nickels, both of which are currently only available through the Old Time Wooden Nickel Company.

Internally, we have procedures and checks in place to help us verify that all repeat orders are legitimate. These procedures enable us to identify a bogus order before it ever leaves order entry.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact our office at 800-750-9915.

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