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Design Tips

Text on the Top Curve probably will look better in all Caps. 

If there is space left over try adding spaces between each letter 
W O O D E N    N I C K E L 

The lower curve can have a thinner font if there isn't enough room for all your text. 
Be careful, because the program will automatically "drop" excess text. 

You may select from hundreds of FREE clip art images for the center. There are several categories to choose from, so look at all of them. 

You may also upload your own logo. By sending your own logo, you are claiming that you have the rights for its use. (We do not provide any registered, trademarked, 
or copyrighted logos, from any organization or business)  

Instead of a graphic, you may select up to 5 additional lines of straight text. 
If there is too much text in the center, it may be too small to read when it is reduced to Wooden Nickel size. 

Sometimes your final design will look better with a circle around the center. 

You may go back and try over and over until you are happy with the results. 

You have a choice of 10 standard print colors. Different computer monitors may show slightly different shades, so when you are ordering Wooden Nickels, the printed color may not match exactly. There is a button to save your design on your own computer. This design is for your own use. 

You may fill out the form to send a "High Resolution" graphic for us to print for you on real Wooden Nickels.

Design Samples

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