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Wooden Nickel Design Contest

To enter, use our online Wooden Nickel design tool to create and submit your design. You may enter as many designs as you wish. Entries can be either one color or multi-color designs. Designs should be “family friendly”. When submitting your design, please use the following guidelines:


  1. Give your design a distinct and somewhat descriptive name. Do not use names like “Design1” or “nickel design”.

  2. Follow the distinct name with “- contest”. For example; Lucky Clover - contest. If you do not include contest in your design name, we cannot guarantee that your design will be recognized as a contest entry and it could be excluded from voting.

  3. Provide your name and a valid email address in the appropriate fields and click “Submit”


All entries must be submitted using the online design tool. Any entry submitted through any other method (email, contact form, etc...) will not be considered for voting.


Entries will be accepted between August 1st and 9/15/2018. We will select five finalists from all entries. The five finalists will be posted on our website for visitors to vote for their favorite. Voting will begin on 9/20/2018 and will end on 10/20/2018. The winner will be announced on 11/01/2018.


The entry to receive the most votes will be added to our library of stock designs. The creator of the winning design will receive their choice of 1000 Standard 1.5” or 500 Jumbo 2” custom printed wooden nickels! We will notify the winner by email which will include a coupon code to receive the free wooden nickels.


The four finalists will receive 20% off their next order of custom printed wooden nickels. The finalists will be notified by email which will include a coupon code for the discount.


Designs may not include any licensed or copyrighted logos or images. Design creator assumes all responsibility for the licensing of any images used in the design.


All entries become the property of the Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. No further compensation or royalties will be paid to the creators of the winning or runner-up designs beyond that outlined in the contest rules. We reserve the right to the future use of any contest entry at our discretion with no compensation to the design creator.

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